Chair: Vivian Chiu (IBST)

Co-Chair: Andrew Chang (KAS)

Hello delegates! I’m Vivian Chiu, a sophomore from the International Bilingual School at Tainan (IBST), and it is my utmost honor to serve as your Head Chair for GA4. I started MUN in grade 6 as a delegate that took no POIs and only managed a short speech to a delegate that was known for aggressively questioning the delegates of Myanmar and PRC about the Rohingya refugee crisis. Throughout the following years, MUN improved my public speaking skills, sparked my interest in international relations, and prompted me to step out of my comfort zone, eventually becoming a chair and leading delegates to embrace the world of MUN. As your Head Chair, I would make this HSINMUN conference as educational, memorable, and exciting as possible. Delegates, immerse yourselves in the world of MUN! Throughout this conference, become globally aware citizens and propose new ideas without hesitation. I started MUN as a scared delegate, and since I have been able to step out of my comfort zone through the help of my chairs, as your Head Chair, I hope to do the same. Besides MUN, I also enjoy playing in the orchestra, debate, reading, and making new friends. Talk to me if you also share these interests! I look forward to seeing you all at HSINMUN XVI!

Hello delegates! My name is Andrew Chang, a senior at Kaohsiung American School, and I am honored to serve as your deputy chair for General Assembly 4. I am grateful to return to HSINMUN, which is the first MUN conference that I participated in when I was in middle school. I am passionate about MUN because it has helped me gain different perspectives and learn about the global issues at hand. It has taught me to look beyond the issue and find the root of the problem. Aside from MUN, I also like to skateboard, debate, and play guitar. I believe that HSINMUN is a great opportunity for delegates to acquaint themselves with other people from all corners of the world. To beginner and experienced delegates alike, I hope this conference will help you learn and grow as you continue your MUN journey. I sincerely look forward to chairing and meeting all of you at HSINMUN XVI!

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