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President: Joshua Ramos (DIS)

Dep. President: Anubhab Maikap (DIS)

Hello! I am Joshua Ramos, a senior at the Dominican International School. It is my utmost pleasure to serve as President of the International Court of Justice. My MUN career really began freshman year when my friends dragged me into this club full of smart and intimidating upperclassmen. I barely had any prior experiences in debate or public speaking so you could imagine how inferior I felt compared to everyone else. In hindsight, I had nothing to worry about and neither should anyone else. I wholeheartedly believe the classrooms MUN manifests itself in transform into arenas of limitless self-growth and expression--from simple ideas to patently insane ones. MUN has come to form an integral part of the people I and my friends have become, so I’m so excited for HSINMUN’s next iteration this October. As for an interesting fact about myself, I used to play Minecraft competitively back in the days. Now that that’s over, these days I usually find myself constantly learning, whether that’s through Vox videos or Joe Rogan podcasts. I hope HSINMUN XV will be amazing as always and look forward to meeting everyone!

Hello everyone!! My name is Anubhab Maikap and it is my utmost pleasure to serve you as ICJ Deputy President with Joshua Ramos. This would be my second time being a co-chair and being in the ICJ committee. As being a senior from DIS, the journey of MUN has started from the first year of high school. Coincidentally, my first MUN conference is HSINMUN XII. At the beginning, I was just a kid who didn't had any idea of what the world is faced with. I even didn’t had the interest or the drive to learn and understand the issue at hand. However as time went, I understand the importance towards this: we are regarded as the future for problem solving and begin it to a stable state. By going to different conferences, I was able to broaden my view of what the world is faced with and the need of finding solutions. From amassing 10 different conferences, the passion grew abundantly for this and always trying to ponder on the issues that we are faced with. 

Other than MUN, I like to play football, violin, badminton, sing, and watch Netflix. I am looking forward to the heated debates and hopefully, finding justice towards the issue we are faced with in this year ICJ.