Haiii! I am Maxine Tseng, a junior at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park. It is a pleasure to be serving as your Treasurer at this year’s HSINMUN conference. Since I first served as an admin in HSINMUN XII, I’ve attended eleven conferences, including THIMUN Singapore. Once I started walking up to the podium in MUN conferences, I’ve developed a more profound understanding of the issues faced by the global community, and how everyone’s confidence and cooperation can help us achieve solutions to these issues. It is through these conferences that I’ve learned to better convey my opinions. It’s amazing that everyone attending MUN conferences is so eager to learn and merge ideas regardless of their background. I hope to extend this opportunity to collaborate with others and to have a fun time with all other MUNers out there this year, as a member of the working team. Outside of MUN, my interests include binge-watching TV shows, swimming, and making puns. I am thrilled to accommodate the needs of all participants and to see all of you in October, so feel free to approach me!

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