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About Hsinchu


IBSH is located within the Hsinchu Science Park. Hsinchu is a high-tech community established by the Taiwanese government as a ‘center’ of technology, industries, and manufacturing; sometimes dubbed as the “Taiwanese Silicon Valley.” The Science Park covers 1,400 hectares, and our campus, IBSH, is located right in the center of the vibrant community of science, biomedicine, and technology developments. Many of Taiwan’s new innovations and technological advances are developed in this ‘hub’, where many high-tech computer companies set up their headquarters, altogether earning many international awards and merits. 


Hsinchu’s unique vibrant community is a balanced mix between the high-tech industrial science park, and our well-preserved cultural and traditional ‘downtown.’ With our “East Gate” as our ‘downtown centerpiece’, shops, vendors, restaurants, and malls have sprung into development around them. One can truly experience the wide array of shops lined up in every street and corner surrounding the East Gate and the 1913 Hsinchu Railway Station - a vital Taiwanese experience to all visitors. 


No city is complete without a large shopping center and entertainment hub - and we recommend “Big City” to delegates wishing to enjoy themselves in their spare time! “Big City” features a large - if not giant - shopping mall, lined with shops, a movie theater, restaurants, and even sports centers (easily accessible from our school via a light-rail train and/or shuttle bus). 


To experience Hsinchu’s unique Hakka culture, the Neiwan Old Street is the place to go! Take a break from the busy city and step into the countryside. The Neiwan Old Street is full of traditional stores, architecture, food, and more. For most Taiwanese adults, strolling through the Neiwan Old Street is like taking a trip down memory lane. To get to Neiwan, you can either take a slow train ride or just hail a cab, either way, the trip will definitely be worth it. Whether it be the friendly street vendors, delicious food, beautiful scenery, or just the cordial and relaxed atmosphere, after a visit, you are bound to fall in love with the beautiful Neiwan. 


Also located in Hsinchu, the Leofoo Theme Park features a wide variety of exciting and entertaining rides, roller coasters, and many attractions from different styles and themes! 

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