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Chair: Stephen Chu (IBST) 

Co-Chair: Shannon Yen (IBSH)


Greetings, delegates! I am Stephen Chu, a junior studying at the International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park, and I will be serving as your Head Chair for General Assembly 6. This will be my fourteenth conference and my fourth time chairing a committee. I first started MUN as a shy seventh-grader who knew practically nothing about the world. I was clueless about any politics or relations and would struggle to answer the question, “where is North Korea?” At my first conference, I made a grand total of 2 speeches and came back feeling dejected. It wasn’t until I kept attending more conferences that I was able to get more exposure to other people and the world as a whole. Since then, I have been involved in MUN for four years, and this year will be my fifth. I have attended nine local conferences and five international conferences, allowing me to expand my knowledge of world issues. To me, MUN is not just an educational event but also an opportunity to make friends and develop your interests. Outside of MUN, my hobbies include volleyball, debate, crying over Netflix shows, drawing, and video games. For beginner MUNers, my advice is simple: talk more. Remember, embarrassment is just a social construct, and other people probably won’t remember your mess-up for the rest of your life. Excited to see you all in October!

Hello fellow delegates of GA6! I am your deputy chair, Shannon Yen, and it is my utmost honor to serve as your deputy chair for this committee at HSINMUN XVIII. MUN has shaped me very much in the sense that it has brought more attention to all of us regarding the issues of the world in the past, present and future. The conference isn’t just merely a place for discussion regarding global issues, but rather a place for providing opinions and letting your own voice be heard! With this conference, I hope that you’ll be able to dive deep into the topics prepared for GA6 and have fun exploring them; after all, information is (practically) limitless, and MUN is a chance for you to learn new things and explore new topics! I find this year’s topics to be particularly entertaining since these topics are often discussed on the global stage. That being said, this is my first time chairing, and I hope that you’ll enjoy HSINMUN XVIII as much as I do! Besides MUN, I absolutely enjoy anything related to yarn (and crochet and perhaps the arduous hobby of knitting), hiking mountains with my dad, and playing basketball (but missing every shot and losing the ball). Feel free to contact/message me before the conference if you have any questions. Otherwise, see you soon at HSINMUN XVIII!

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