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Economic and Social Committee 
Middle School Committee

President: Amber Lin (TAS) 

Dep. President: Maya Braunstein (HCAS)

Dep. President: Hannah Fu (IBSH)


Greetings delegates! My name is Amber Lin, and I’m a junior at Taipei American School. As of so far, I’ve attended nine conferences, and this will be my second/third time chairing at a MUN conference (because TAIMUN XX got canceled). My MUN experience began back in eighth grade when my mom suggested I try MUN since it would improve my public speaking skills. At first, I didn’t participate a lot in the conference because I had no idea what was going on; everything felt like it was moving at such a fast pace. Though during TAIMUN XIX, due to previous conference experiences, I began to finally enjoy the fun of participating in MUN conferences. Therefore, I started to speak more and make more amendments and speeches. As a person who understands the feelings of first-time delegates who are unsure of what is happening or do not know what to say, my chair encouraged me a lot and sent me a lot of notes. Therefore, as the head chair for the ECOSOC committee, I would like to do the same to encourage the delegates in hopes of sparking their passion for MUN. Moreover, as a delegate who began MUN around the time of the pandemic, I would also like to note that as my first few conferences were online, once they became real-life conferences, the whole experience was more lively. So I hope the upcoming TAIMUN conference will be very enjoyable for all of you guys! Outside of MUN, I enjoy watching shows on Netflix and even C-drama or K-drama. Most of the time, I also scroll through Tik Tok and listen to music. One thing aside from entertainment that I enjoy is spending time with my friends and going to karaoke with them. In school, I enjoy math class and lunch with my friends. All in all, if you have any questions regarding or disregarding MUN, feel free to approach or contact me! I’m really excited to meet all of you in October!

Hello, delegates! My name is Maya Braunstein, and I am a junior at Hsinchu County American school. I am pleased to be a chair of the Economic and Social Council. After attending multiple conferences as a delegate, I got my first chairing position at STMUN XIII Since then, I have attended two other conferences as President and I am very honored to be serving as Deputy President. I enjoy MUN because it has helped me become a leader so I can support others, which is my goal as a chair. Whether that is through encouraging notes or support during lobbying, I look forward to meeting all of you, and I encourage everyone to do their research, familiarize themselves with the issue, and most importantly, have fun! Outside of MUN, I play basketball and watch TikTok. If you have any questions about your job as a delegate, the procedure for the conference, or anything else (related or unrelated) to MUN, please reach out to me. Overall, I am very honored to be serving as your chair in the Economic and Social Council, and I am very excited to meet each of you in October!

Hannah Fu.JPG

Hello, delegates! I’m Hannah Fu, a current sophomore at International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park. I am honored to be your Deputy President of the Economic and Social Council for HSINMUN XVIII. Since my first MUN conference in 7th grade, I have attended various conferences and gained experience in skills such as debating, public speaking, and researching that I can apply to daily life and school. What I really love about MUN is that it is a great way to communicate and connect with other delegates in different schools, which is a really unique and valuable experience for me. Through MUN, I developed various new aspects towards different issues, which reminds me to always consider all sorts of perspectives in different situations. Aside from MUN, my hobbies are reading, swimming, and surfing. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! I will always be happy to help. I am looking forward to seeing you in October! 

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