President: Sabrina Gulotty (AAIA)

Dep. President: Cheng Yuan Li (IBSH)


Hello, delegates! My name is Sabrina Gulotty, and I am a junior at Asia American International School. I will be President of the Advisory Panel (APQ) at HSINMUN XVII, and I am the expert chair on Issue 1101, "The question of forcefully displaced immigrants and refugees in Europe.” I first began my Model UN journey in the seventh grade, and have since attended nearly fifteen conferences and chaired at three. Each and every time a new conference comes around, I am reminded of the reasons why I love Model UN: the intellectually-stimulating debate, the welcoming people, the nuanced issues, and so much more. In terms of hobbies, I have many! On any given afternoon, you can find me scrolling through TikTok, watching Glee, or procrastinating on schoolwork due very soon. I am especially well-versed in fandom and I know a lot about the American hip-hop musical Hamilton. I hope to make this conference as fulfilling as possible for you all, so please come to me with any questions, concerns, or random observations that you’d like to share with me. See you all in October!

Greetings! My name is Cheng-Yuan Li, and I am a sophomore at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park. This year, I will serve as the deputy president of the Advisory Panel. Beginning my journey into MUN as an admin for the 14th annual conference for HSINMUN, I have since been drawn into MUN, amazed by the zest and effort that delegates put into crafting solutions to real-world problems. I soon found myself poring over news outlets in the hopes of stepping up my involvement in MUN. Over the course of my MUN experience - with nine MUN conferences following my initial introduction to MUN - I have learned the importance of every country within the United Nations and their roles in the interconnected development of the world. As the chair of a committee consisting of "experts", I expect delegates to have understood all facets of their topics; conversely, I expects myself to be able to direct the flow of debate in that all experts can voice their opinions with confidence. I also enjoy badminton and orchestra outside of school, but MUN remains my one true passion. I hopes to be able to provide and experience the enriching and fruitful debate that is sure to be HSINMUN XVII.

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