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President: Claudia Chuang (KAS)

Dep. President: Mahilnan Uma (IBSH)

Claudia Chuang.jpeg

Honorable participants of HSINMUN XVIII, My name is Claudia Chuang, a current junior attending Kaohsiung American School (KAS). It is my utmost honor to serve as the President of APQ at this year’s annual HSINMUN conference. Four years ago, I embarked on my MUN journey as a timid delegate who nearly fell off her chair at the banging of the gavel. Since then, much has changed. Words cannot describe how significant a role MUN has played in my life. It has nurtured the skills necessary in academic environments and further expanded my interests in political science and global issues. Besides MUN, I enjoy binge-watching Netflix films, taking naps during rainy seasons, and taking ridiculously bad photos of my friends and siblings. All in all, I hope this opportunity will assist all those attending to gain further insights on global issues and develop the confidence and leadership necessary for success. I look forward to seeing all of you in October!

I am Mahilnan Mahesh Uma, a junior from IBSH, and it is my utmost honor to be serving as your deputy president in HSINMUN 2022 this year. This will be my ninth conference, my first time on the Advisory Panel, and my third time chairing. I started my MUN journey as an admin in the 7th grade, during my first HSINMUN as an admin, passing notes and amendment papers. After my first time as a delegate, my passion for MUN grew even further. I enjoy leading people in my committee to be more confident and aggressive in their debates with each other. I'm looking forward to meeting all the delegates on the committee and can't wait to listen to their fruitful debate about health issues around the world. Outside of MUN, I like watching Netflix, Nba, F1, and playing basketball. Can't wait to meet everyone!

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