President: Eric Gulotty (AAIA)

Dep. President: Sophia Zuo (IBSH)

My name is Eric Gulotty, a senior from Asia American International Academy, and it is my honor to be serving as your president for this year’s Security Council. I began my MUN career in middle school as a delegate, and have since then slowly grown to enjoy nearly all aspects of the MUN experience. HSINMUN will be my 14th conference and my fifth time chairing. I enjoy MUN for multiple reasons, from the intense yet diplomatic debate-style; to the creative or even outlandish solutions proposed by delegates; to the experience of meeting new people and making new friends. I believe that MUN has a little something for everyone, and I am always learning or experiencing new things at every conference I attend. Aside from MUN, I enjoy playing basketball, gaming, and catching up on sleep. I hope this conference will provide you all with a meaningful and fun experience, regardless of how long you have participated in MUN, and I look forward to meeting all of you in October!

Hi delegates! I’m Sophia Zuo, a current sophomore at IBSH and am honored to be serving as your deputy president for the Security Council at HSINMUN XVI this year. HSINMUN has held a special place in my heart because it was where I started my MUN career as an admin, progressed into a delegate, and most recently was an advocate in the ICJ. Over the course of my MUN career, I’ve been able to broaden my perspective and view of the current and previous situation of the world, expand and greatly improve my public speaking and socializing skills, and overall have fun debating on issues that are crucial to the real world. I hope that you delegates will also take this year's HSINMUN this way as well and use it as another chance to hone your skills and enjoy the craft. With this year’s conference being my 11th and first official time chairing due to previous conferences being cancelled, I hope I can assist and help all delegates as much as possible to make the conference and committee run smoothly and purposefully. For leisure, I enjoy reading, debating ,drawing and snacking. Make sure that you are well prepared, confident, and ready to debate! Lastly, Please feel free to email or contact me if you have questions and I look forward to meeting you all in October!

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