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President: Young Lin (IBSH)

Dep. President: Sharon Tang (HIS)

Hello, delegates and admins of the Security Council! I’m Young Lin, a Senior at the International Bilingual School in Hsinchu Science Park. HSINMUN XV will be my 22nd MUN conference and my seventh time chairing. Ever since my days as an admin, I have fallen in love with the intense, yet diplomatic nature of MUN. Not only has MUN improved my public speaking ability, but it has also motivated me to understand more about the events and issues that have shaped our world today. As a person that has been in the Security Council both as a chair and as a delegate, this is no doubt my favorite committee because of the intensity that goes along with it. All in all, I hope to make the debates both diplomatic and entertaining at the same time.

         Aside from MUN, I enjoy playing basketball and listening to R&B music. If you share the same interests as me, do not be afraid to talk with me about them. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

Greetings, delegates! I’m Sharon Tang, and I’m a senior from Hsinchu International School. HSINMUN has always consistently delivered diplomatic, high-quality debates throughout my MUN career, and I am honoured to be serving as the Deputy President of the Security Council of HSINMUN XV.

I joined the MUN community late into ninth grade after much urging from my friends, and HSINMUN XV will be my 16th MUN experience. My most eye-opening MUN experience has to be NHSMUN 2017 in NYC, where the opening ceremony was held in the General Assembly chamber in the UN Headquarters! As a student, I'm interested in a range of subjects, from politics and history to biology and chemistry. My hobbies include watching films, reading biographies, and playing sports.

As a general message to the delegates: a simple approach to MUN is to just use your voice; if you see injustice in the world or even a mere error in debate procedure, don't be afraid to speak up. Don't be shy!