Payment Information

Payment Information for HSINMUN XVII is sent to advisors. Please email us if you have any questions. 

  • All delegates will be considered as “group registrations” this year, meaning they will have to pay both group registration fee and individual fee.

    • Even if there is only one delegate attending, he or she must pay the group registration fee + individual fee.

  • Group registration is $2000NT. Individual fees are $2800. Both are to be paid after the completion of Form II. 

    • ​​We are abolishing early bird as it does not increase convenience.
  • Each school may be led by two advisors free of charge. Additional advisors must pay the usual $2800NT individual fee.

    • This is part of an effort to encourage more advisors to attend the conference.

  • Form I deadline: May 31, 2020.

  • Form II deadline: September 4, 2020. Payment deadline: September 12, 2020.

  • Schools are encouraged to submit Form IIs as soon as possible. Schools will receive information regarding their payment and invoice after they have completed Form II.