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Security Council (SC):

(101) The issue in Yemen and the Red Sea

(102) The issue in the Sahel

Human Rights Council (HRC):

(201) Protecting freedom of expression and political rights

(202) Preserving the rights to cultural identity and heritage

General Assembly 1 (Disarmament and international security):

(301) Developing measures to address violent terrorism in West and Central Africa

(302) Establishing international agreements regarding the usage of outer space

General Assembly 2 (Economic and Financial):

(401) Addressing the rise in the use of digital currency

(402) Promoting financial literacy and inclusion to empower individuals economically

General Assembly 3 (Social, humanitarian, and Cultural):

(501) Addressing the adultification of juvenile justice

(502) Addressing the treatment of LGBTQI+ youth

General Assembly 4 (special political and Decolonization):

(601) Promoting peaceful negotiations in the West Bank

(602) Addressing geopolitical conflicts in the Horn of Africa

General Assembly 6 (Legal):

(701) Addressing the complexities in resolving international cross-border crime

(702) Addressing the impacts of AI on intellectual property

United Nations Development Program (UN4MUN):

(801) Fostering youth participation in decision-making processes

(802) Examining strategies for inclusive and sustainable economic recovery in post-conflict environments

Environment committee (Middle School):

(901) Measures to develop technology for future sustainability 

(902) Conserving biodiversity and natural habitats

Economic and social committee (ecosoc)(middle school):

(1001) Supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for inclusive economic growth

(1002) Discussing the role of economic integration in fostering global cooperation and development

Advisory Panel (APQ):

(1101) Combating gender apartheid in Afghanistan

(1102) Promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples

International Court of Justice (icj):(1201) South Africa v. Israel (Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in the Gaza Strip)

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