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President: Katelyn Chen (IBSH)

Dep. President: Felipe Dombkowski (AST) 

Hi delegates! I’m Katelyn Chen, a junior at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu-Science-Park (IBSH). I am incredibly honored to serve as the Chair for the United Nations Development Program in this year’s HSINMUN. Ever since I joined MUN as a wide-eyed admin in seventh grade, I have dreamed of becoming a chair one day. MUN has really brought out my passion for engaging in intellectually stimulating debates and making our individual opinions matter. My interest in current events was piqued as I strived to fulfill my duties as a part of the global community. Unlike the other committees, UNDP aims to simulate the procedure of the actual United Nations. With the unique nature of our committee, I trust that we will be able to make the most out of this experience and grow as a team. On the lighter side, outside of MUN, I enjoy reading, writing, and binge-watching TV shows. I look forward to seeing all of you and hope you will all have a memorable and rewarding experience this year!

Greetings! I’m Felipe Dombkowski, a sophomore at the American School in Taichung. It is my utmost pleasure and honor in serving as your Deputy President of the UNDP for this year’s HSINMUN. I was first introduced to MUN in eighth grade as a nervous delegate, and since then, MUN has been one of my main passions. MUN has helped me step out of my comfort zone in many ways, whether it has been participating in intense debates, doing extensive research, or collaborating and solving global issues with people from all around the world. I have attended six conferences around Taiwan, and through those conferences I have met so many amazing people, gained a vast amount of knowledge of the world, and enhanced both my vocabulary and public speaking. Aside from MUN, I enjoy playing sports and video games with my little brother, FaceTiming my friends, and listening to trap music. I am exhilarated to be your Deputy President for this year’s HSINMUN, and I am passionate about making this conference comfortable and fulfilling your you. So, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me. See you at the conference!