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President: Arthur Chen (DIS)

Dep. President: Winston Chiu (TAS)

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Honourable delegates,

My name is Arthur Chen, a sophomore at Dominican International School, and it is my utmost pleasure and honour to serve as your president for this year's UNDP. From starting my MUN journey as a quiet delegate in seventh grade, I am now glad to be the one assisting the same quiet delegate that I have been three years ago. With HSINMUN XIX being my fourth time chairing and my thirteenth conference, I hope that I may be of assistance to any new and shy delegates. To me, MUN is not just a place to practise debate with other students, but a forum between the future leaders of the world to discuss critical global issues, a forum to discuss new ideas, and a forum for raising awareness of the problems we have in the world. In the UNDP, I hope that every delegate will carefully weigh the stances of these complicated issues whilst simultaneously mustering their courage to speak up to the house. Besides MUN, I also enjoy playing video games, lying in bed on cold days, and playing volleyball. I hope that MUN will not be just a debate activity, but a community where you can make friends with like-minded individuals.

I look forward to seeing you all in October!

Hi Delegates! I am Winston Chiu, a sophomore at Taipei American School and your co-Chair for HSINMUN UNDP this year. I first started MUN in seventh grade with online conferences, and have since then attended around seven conferences all over Taiwan. This year, my first ever chairing experience was serving as the crisis director at TASMUN’s NATO committee. 

HSINMUN XIX will mark my second HSINMUN, as well as my second time at UNDP. I specifically chose to chair UNDP because of its UN4MUN focus as well as my interest in development. Unlike THIMUN, where majority rule is prioritized, UN4MUN can only proceed when all countries agree unanimously. The consensus system, although seemingly tedious, is something I enjoy, as UN4MUN encourages cooperation and compromising beyond the simply problem-solving skills.

I look forward to introducing the UN4MUN procedure and feel free to ask any questions you may have about the conference, from the topics, how to prep, debate procedural expectations, etc. Aside from MUN, I play badminton and work with an environmental NGO. Contact me at for any questions or concerns about HSINMUN XIX. I look forward to meeting all of you!

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