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President: Sunny Fang (KAS)

Dep. President: Kyle Lu (IBST)


I'm Sunny Fang, a junior at Kaohsiung American School. It's my pleasure to serve as your President of HRC for HSINMUN XV. I embarked on my MUN journey back in seventh grade, marking this year my fifth. While I would describe my first conference to be “beyond chaotic” due to my poor performance, I then discovered my urge to deepen my knowledge on global issues. Throughout my years in MUN, I found myself growing empathy for those in crisis and came to recognize the complexity of the solutions to global issues. I’ve been challenging myself to make an impact through ways such as raising awareness. While I, too, am prone to focus on my tally throughout my MUN career, I hope we can all look beyond the numbers and make our best out of HSINMUN XV—developing as a global citizen, being intrigued by novel ideas, and evoking innovative solutions to the global issues we have in hand. Aside from MUN, I have a wide range of hobbies such as painting, binge-watching Netflix, traveling, and cooking. Feel free to approach Kyle and me during the conference if you need help. We look forward to meeting you and best of luck!

Honorable chairs, fellow delegates, and most esteemed guests, I’m Kyle from IBST, a freshmen rising sophomore. It has been quite a long way from my first MUN here at HSINMUN. However, it feels like yesterday. I’ve been to quite a few conferences for the past few years and take great interest in MUN and debate. I started MUN with the goal of enhancing my debate skills and getting to know more people around Taiwan. In the meantime, MUN also made me always stay on top of the recent news, and helped me in all school subjects too! My hobbies include debating, drumming, swimming, and of course MUN. I completely understand those who are first timers or aren’t that fluent in any aspects of MUN. Passion and determination is all it takes, so feel free to approach me if you have any questions!