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President: Tammy Hsu (AAIA) 

Dep. President: Celine Shih (AST) 

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Hi delegates, you made it, welcome to the Human Rights Council! 
My name is Tammy Hsu, a junior from Asia American International Academy (AAIA), and it is an honor to serve as your president for the Humans Rights Council (HRC). 
HSINMUN will be my 22nd conference and 6th time chairing. To me, MUN is a place of growth and inclusion- I was a timid six grader when I first stumbled upon the world of Model United Nations, yet the community embraced me with open hands. The strong sense of belonging sparked my interest to continue my pursuit of this journey. I also began to realize the importance of the debated topics, prompting me to tackle them in my own community outside of the debate setting. 
Aside from MUN, I like to read, explore new places, watch tennis and rom coms, and am determined to complete my seasonal bucket lists. 
I hope all participating delegates can make the most of their time at HSINMUN, leaving the conference recharged with a new found passion that will push them to continue or begin their paths in MUN.  Celine and I are more than excited to see you all this October for an unforgettable conference! 

Greetings, delegates! I’m Celine Shih, a junior at American School in Taichung. It is an honor to be serving as your deputy president for HRC. HSINMUN XIX would be my second time chairing! 
I attended my first conference when I was an unconfident 8th grader lacking social and speaking skills, a scared turtle unwilling to come out of its shell during the debates or meet new people. Back then, the only time I went up to the podium was when I delivered my opening speech. However, through attending more conferences and experiencing different perspectives as a global citizen, I slowly came out of my comfort zone. I’ve gained self-confidence, the courage to communicate well in front of others, and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, I’ve come to see MUN as something enjoyable if we take the time to understand the issues, contribute to discussions, and be active listeners and communicators during debates. 
For new delegates, I encourage you to speak up and ask questions, but do not feel pressured to speak a lot during your first conference! Instead, as my MUN advisor said, be a sponge and absorb all the information. Through listening, you could also gain valuable knowledge that will help you in the future. As your deputy president, I will always try my best to support and advise all of you during the conference. Aside from MUN, I love to watch anime, play volleyball, and read during my free time. I’m excited to meet all of you in October and feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 

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