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Michelle Kuo


Introducing HSINMUN XVIII’s keynote speaker, Michelle Kuo! Mrs. Kuo has a long history of strengthening the education system for the underprivileged and striving towards more equitable and accessible care for immigrants and the incarcerated through her teaching, writing, and legal work. In the past, she has worked with organizations such as Teachers for America, RAICES, the Stanford Three Strikes Project, and Dialogue and Transformation, in which her work ranged from advocating for migrant asylum rights in court to being a pro bono attorney to life imprisoned clients. Currently, her research and teaching center on social movements in racial and economic justice, incarceration and detention, restorative justice, and prison abolition. Mrs. Kuo is a visiting professor at the National Taiwan University, where she teaches in the Law program and also runs a weekly Taiwan-based newsletter with her husband. In 2017, Mrs. Kuo published her first book, Reading with Patrick, which details her experience teaching a young boy in rural Arkansas and the hardships faced when confronted with the realities of racial discrimination and crime. Mrs. Kuo’s keynote speech will be reflective of her experiences and opinions on social justice and share her thoughts on inter-generational change and how to best undertake these goals.

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