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Chair: Cindy Yang (HCAS)

Co-Chair: Lydia Chen (AST) 

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Greetings! I am Cindy Yang, a rising senior at Hsinchu County American School. It is my honor to serve as your head chair at HSINMUN 2022 for the General Assembly III (GA3)! I joined MUN in eighth grade and ever since I have participated in ten conferences and chaired four of them. My experiences throughout the years helped me realize that MUN is much more than debating – it teaches participants about the world around us, changes that we can make, and the importance of communication and teamwork. I have grown to enjoy all aspects of the MUN experience. I relish the cooperative lobbying, thrilling debate, and making of new friendships. Aside from MUN, I am the captain of my school’s basketball and volleyball team and the President of the Student Council. During my free time, I like to scroll through Tik Tok, take naps, and watch Netflix. I will provide the delegates with an entertaining and memorable MUN experience. Here is some advice for the delegates! Please do your research for your country thoroughly so you’ll have solid arguments and materials. Also, remember to step out of your comfort zone and participate in the debate! Feel free to contact me with questions and concerns. Welcome to GA3, I look forward to working and meeting you all in HSINMUN 2022.

Hello, delegates! My name is Lydia Chen, a senior from American School in Taichung, and it is my honor to serve as the co-chair of GA3 in HSINMUN XVIII. I started my MUN journey when I was a 9th grader and had been deeply attracted to the intensity of the debate, the global issues, and the opportunities that MUN gave me in my high school time. I remember the first time when I went abroad and joined one of the most intense MUN in Asia -- THIMUN, and felt unprepared, anxious, and frightened about the debate skills of the delegates. After that experience, I participated in more MUNs around Taiwan, and sharpened my debate skills, knowledge about MUN procedures, and most importantly, my confidence.  MUN is a great opportunity for everyone to practice their public speaking skills, speech-making skills, understand more about global issues and countries’ stances and make lots of friends. Personally, MUN is one of the most joyful, intense, and memorable experiences I had in my high school years, and I hope each one of you can view MUN as I do. As your head chair, I will ensure that that conference will be a delightful and memorable experience. I encourage every delegate to speak up for their country, step out of their comfort zone, and emerge in the MUN world! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, since everyone is at a different level in terms of MUN experiences. I myself had once been a delegate that didn't know anything about MUN too! I will do my best to assist every delegate before the conference and during the conference, and I hope that every delegate will be excited and fully engaged during the two days in HSINMUN! Apart from MUN, I enjoy drawing, writing stories, and cooking. I also like to train in the gym, play basketball and volleyball. I look forward to seeing you all at the conference!

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