Chair: Wilson Tang (HIS)

Co-Chair: Jewel Wang Chen (IIS)

Greetings, delegates and fellow participants of HSINMUN XVI! I’m Wilson Tang, a junior at Hsinchu International School. It is an honor to serve as your Head Chair of the General Assembly 3 this year! After being introduced to the MUN world in seventh grade, I have accumulated 16 conference experiences. HSINMUN XIII was my first HSINMUN conference and it served as my second time participating in the GA3. Although GA3 wasn’t a new committee to me at that time, I faced one of the hardest challenges in my MUN career as we debated on the question of closing the digital divide. I was representing Afghanistan and I’d written four clauses on a topic on which my nation had no clear stance. This challenge didn’t discourage me; instead, it pushed me to my limit and made me a better MUNer. My advice to all of you is to simply take on an active role in solving global issues, whether it is a POI, speech, or amendment. Apart from MUN, I spend my time playing basketball and watching TV shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Flash. With that being said, I wish you all the best of luck!

Dear advisors, guests, and HSINMUN participants, 

Greetings! My name is Jewel Wang Chen, a current senior at I-Shou International School. It is my pleasure to serve as the deputy president of the General Assembly Third Committee in the sixteenth session of the HSINMUN conference. I began my MUN career four years ago at HSINMUN XIII as a delegate, and perhaps like many of you, I was wonderstruck during my first ever conference. I couldn’t be more fascinated by the fact that these high schoolers were able to develop in-depth analysis of current issues, establish a stance of a certain nation, while confidently coming up with solutions that could potentially heal the injured world. These are the qualities of a leader of tomorrow, and qualities that we shall possess through our MUN journey. Thenceforth, I urge all of you to challenge yourselves and step out of your comfort zones. Should you deliver a speech, make a POI, or simply open yourself up during lobbying, these are all ways to stimulate the dynamic of what Model United Nations is essentially about. At the end of HSINMUN XVI, I hope every participant will walk out of their committee room with a newly acquired perspective of the world, and begin to pave their pathway in becoming a global citizen. With that being said, I look forward to seeing you all at HSINMUN XVI!

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