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Chair: Weiwei Chao (PAS)

Co-Chair: Jessica Kim (IBSH) 

Wei Wei Chao.jpeg

Honorable chair, fellow delegates, and most esteemed guests,

I’m Weiwei Chao, a rising senior at Pacific American School (PAS). I’m honored to be able to serve as the Chair of General Assembly 3 at HSINMUN XIX. I started my MUN journey in middle school. Inspired by the spirit and passion MUN creates, I’ve since sought to learn more about global issues that the world is facing today. Being involved in such meaningful events, I believe, is the best decision I’ve made. Eventually, my charing experience started in high school, and I became one of the chairs in MUN club. Attending ten conferences and chaired five, I’ve gained some valuable skills and a deep understanding of our world. Throughout these years, MUN has boosted my confidence and prompted me to step out of my comfort zone. Other than improving public speaking skills and knowledge about the issues, I believe the most essential element of MUN is awareness and inspiration. Thus, I will assist every delegate in GA3 and create a memorable experience. See y’all in October!

Greetings delegates! I’m Jessica Kim, a senior at International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park. It is my utmost honor to serve as your GA3 Deputy Chair for the upcoming HSINMUN XIX. I was first exposed to MUN as an admin in my freshman year of high school. Despite the fact that I played a rather minor role in my committee, my experience as an admin stemmed my interest in MUN. As I got more involved in MUN, I became more comfortable with the debate procedures and environment. Being part of this community has allowed me to extend my knowledge on multifarious global issues and openly speak up in front of an audience. I initially started off as a shy delegate; therefore, I completely understand how intimidating public speaking and debate preparations are. However, I hope delegates can treat HSINMUN XIX as a learning opportunity and make the most out of the two days spent in GA3. Aside from MUN, I enjoy watching Netflix, dancing, and hanging out with friends. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions! See you in October! 

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