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Student Officers

Security Council (SC):
President: Jackie Huang
Dep. President: Christine Ko

Human Rights Council (HRC):
President: Rosemary Ho
Dep. President: Anderson Chung

Environment Committee (Middle School):
President: Hugo Chiang
Dep. President: Angel Weng

United nations development programme (UNDP):
President: Audrey Wang
Dep. President: Jeffrey Wan

Advisory Panel (APQ):
President: Claudia Chuang
Dep. President: Mahesh Uma Mahilnan

ECOnomic and SOCial Committee (ECOSOC):
President: Amber Lin
Dep. President: Maya Braunstein
Dep. President: Hannah Fu
General Assembly 1 (DISEC):
Chair: Ken Miao
Co-Chair: Weiwei Chao

General Assembly 2 (Economic and
Chair: Hubert Chang
Co-Chair: Sophia Wu

General Assembly 3 (SOCHUM):
Chair: Cindy Yang
Co-Chair: Lydia Chen

General Assembly 4 (SPECPOL):
Chair: Fiona Stokes
Co-Chair: Ryoka Goto

General Assembly 6 (Legal):
Chair: Stephen Chu
Co-Chair: Shannon Yen

International Court of Justice (ICJ):
President: Cherry Chiu
Dep. President: Lawrence Huang
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