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Student Officers

Security Council:
President: Young Lin (IBSH)
Dep. President: Sharon Tang (HIS)

Human Rights Council:
President: Sunny Fang (KAS)
Dep. President: Kyle Lu (IBST)

ECOSOC (Middle School Committee):
President: James Lai (AST)
Dep. President: Mandy Chiu (IBSH)

President: Katelyn Chen (IBSH)
Dep. President: Felipe Dombkowski (AST)

Advisory Panel (APQ):
President: Mark Kuo (IBSH)
Dep. President: Jewel Wang Chen (IIS)
General Assembly 1 (DISEC):
Chair: Daniel Hsuan (KAS)
Co-Chair: Ashley Huang (IBSH)
General Assembly 2 (Economic and
Chair: Yuki Fang (IBSH)
Co-Chair: Anngu Chang (PAS)

General Assembly 3 (SOCHUM):
Chair: Han Tseng (PAS)
Co-Chair: Ariel Chen (HAS)

General Assembly 4 (SPECPOL):
Chair: Claire Tsuei (KSS)
Co-Chair: Allison Cheng (IBSH)
International Court of Justice:
President: Joshua Ramos (DIS)
Dep. President: Anubhab Maikap (DIS)