Environment Committee

Middle School Committee

President: Varun Balakrishnan (IBSH)

Dep. President: Jackie Huang (PAS)


Hello Delegates! My name is Varun Balakrishnan, a Junior at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park and I am more than happy to serve as the president for the Environment Committee at HSINMUN XVII. HSINMUN XVII will be my 17th conference and my first time chairing a regular committee. Seeing that the Environment Commitee is a middle school committee, many of you guys may be attending this years HSINMUN as first-time delegates, we strongly encourage all delegates to break the barrier and to make the first p.o.i, to make the first speech, to submit the first amendment, and to become more of a global citizen. Besides Model United Nations, I like to play basketball, and I'm an avid street dancer. I'm an outgoing guy so don't be afraid to talk to me during breaks or ask me questions about either issues or the conference! I'm looking forward to seeing you all in October!

Greetings delegates! I am Jackie Huang, a sophomore at Pacific American School. For HSINMUN XVII, I am honored to serve as the deputy president of the Environment Committee. Ever since I embarked on the adventure of MUN, it has bestowed me treasures- knowledge about global dynamics, lessons as to compromises and team work, and priceless skills on and away from the podium- that nothing else has ever offered. To be the one who guides the new and settles uneasy minds has always been one of my aspirations. This year, I am pleased to take part in the Environment Committee, and I can't wait to meet you guys and create lots and lots of fun memories! Feel free to contact me if you encounter any problems or questions! I have been there, baffled and bewildered, and reaching out really helped me to grow and learn. Aside from blasting music in the shower and watching YouTube (or Netflix, sometimes) despite looming deadlines, I enjoy drawing and baking. Traveling is also one of my recreations, but this ongoing pandemic has stymied my goal to become a globetrotter. AnYwAy, see you in October! 

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