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Chair: Miya Kao (TAS)

Co-Chair: Jim Wang (HCAS)

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Dear delegates,

I’m Miya Kao, a current junior from Taipei American School and it is my greatest pleasure to serve as your Head Chair for the Special Political and Decolonization Committee, also known as GA4. Throughout the past 4 years, MUN has become an integral piece of me. It has allowed me to expand past my worldviews on globalization, geopolitics, and ethics. I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunities to participate in a variety of conferences and different positions, each one helping me grow as a MUNer, a student, and an international citizen. I have not only learned procedural functions and international diplomacy but also core values such as friendship and respect. Aside from attending conferences, I enjoy going to art museums and conversing over coffee. HSINMUN XIX marks my 16th conference, and 8th as a student officer. I look forward to meeting all of you and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

See you in October.

Hello! My name is Jim Wang, a senior from Hsinchu County American School, and it is an honor to be able to serve as your Co-Chair in the General Assembly 4. I started my MUN journey as a rather quiet delegate; I stuttered through most of my speeches, and my hands failed me whenever I tried to reach for my placard. However, the experience I gained and the advice chairs gave steadily gradually taught me to embrace and enjoy MUN. Through in-depth analysis and fruitful debate, the conferences drew me into the community and invigorated my passion for studying contemporary global issues. In no time, I found myself being the one instigating discussions and engaging with fellow delegates, and the experiences revealed to me that expressing can be just as enjoyable as listening. MUN guided me outside of my comfort zone and expanded my perspective on the global community, and I hope to bring the same experience to delegates and forward the passion that previous chairs have shown. Outside of MUN, I enjoy online surfing, reading light novels, and playing a wide variety of sports. I hope you have a fascinating experience at HSINMUN, and see you there!

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