Chair: Emily Huang (TAS)

Co-Chair: Allison Chen (KAS)


Hi guys! My name is Emily Huang, and I am a rising junior at Taipei American School. This year for HSINMUN 2021, Ill be your head chair for GA3. I really do hope that this conference will be an in-person conference and that I will get to see all of you guys. This year, our committee's topic is about addressing the issue of peacekeeping operations in light of corruption and violence. Peacekeeping operations are often overlooked as operations that are extremely beneficial and helpful towards solving a certain issue, but oftentimes corruption and violence get in the way of these operation groups. In light of the Rohingyan refugee crisis, and the failure to protect citizens in need, UN peacekeeping groups and the success rate of helping people actually in need come to question. I am so so excited to meet all of you guys (hopefully in person)!!

Hello delegates! My name is Allison Chen, a senior from Kaohsiung American School. It is my honor to be serving as your Co-Chair for General Assembly 4 at HSINMUN XVII this year. After a semester of MUN in 7th grade, I later rejoined the club as a sophomore in high school. My passion grew unexpectedly from there. (Hey, this shows that it is never too late to try something again!) MUN has opened my eyes to so many global issues, friendships, and opportunities; I am grateful that you guys can be part of my journey too. That being said, this will be my seventh conference and my second time as a chair. I hope to meet all of you delegates in person as I was unable to do so with my first chairing experience due to COVID. I strive to make your HSINMUN XVII experience memorable and to guide you in exploring the multifaceted topics of this committee. Outside of MUN, I do Taekwondo, drink boba milk tea 24/7, and try to sing to Olivia Rodrigo. Feel free to contact me anytime whether it’s for MUN or for a chat. I look forward to seeing you guys (hopefully in person)

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