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Heidi Yeh & Kai Hang Seow

Hey everyone! It is my utmost honor to welcome you all to HSINMUN XIX. I am Heidi Yeh, a junior from the International School at Hsinchu Science Park, and I am utterly thrilled to be serving as the Administration Coordinator this year. Having started my MUN journey a few years ago as a one-time and far from outspoken admin, I never envisaged I would eventually take part in organizing a conference of this size, let alone further my experiences with MUN. And yet, starting sophomore year, as I ventured into what the world of Model United Nations offered, I found myself captivated by the discussions and debates that ranged from calm and sophisticated to passionate and fierce. What strikes me as so noteworthy about MUN is that because it places all perspectives under scrutiny, it opens up numerous avenues for productive discourse. This becomes profoundly relevant in the ever-expanding globalization of our modern age and to you all, the budding generation capable of enacting incredible change. As we commence this year's HSINMUN conference, I urge each and every participant to make their utmost effort for I believe success and progress are just within everyone's reach. I await everyone's imminent arrival in October!


Hello, and welcome to HSINMUN XIX. I am Kai Hang Seow, a senior from the International School at Hsinchu Science Park, and I am honored to be serving as the Deputy Administration Coordinator for the upcoming conference. Since middle school, MUN has not only brought me joy and entertainment, but also taught me various useful skills. This wide array of skills range from speaking with absolute confidence to thinking from a neutral perspective. It is of key importance for delegates to be able to think in the minds of their respective representing countries, but it is more important that they as a person, would learn from such experience and try to think from other people’s perspective. Connecting to this year’s theme, due to people taking more and more extreme stances, it is more important than ever that people could try to look at issues from various perspectives. As such, I hope to see how people could learn from this experience of taking a stance they may disagree with. I look forward to seeing the fruitful debate that delegates will participate in and hope to see all of you at HSINMUN XIX!

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