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Hi everyone! I am Mollie Cheng, a sophomore at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park, and it is my utmost honor to serve as your Administration Coordinator in HSINMUN XV. This year’s HSINMUN will mark my ninth conference and first working team experience. Choosing to participate in HSINMUN XII as an admin was truly one of the most rewarding decisions in my life thus far. Ever since coming into contact with MUN, I’ve not only grown to love the heated debate sessions but have also become much more aware of pressing global issues. What I love most about MUN is its ability to bring together students who have different backgrounds but all share a common interest in changing our world for the better. Outside of MUN, I enjoy reading, rock climbing, and hanging out with friends. I hope you can see HSINMUN as an opportunity to collaborate with others, hone your critical thinking skills, and most importantly have fun while simultaneously achieving a global mindset. Feel free to come up and chat with me about anything; I’m so excited to meet all of you in October!

Hi! I’m Cassie Yang, a current junior at International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park, and it is my absolute honor to serve as your Deputy Administration Coordinator this year. Since starting my MUN journey back when I attended HSINMUN XII as an admin, HSINMUN XV will mark my seventh conference. Throughout the years, MUN has helped me find my confidence, not only in standing upon a group of strangers and voicing my ideas, but also to actively seeking to interact with those around me to come up with a solution to global problems. Further, it has also helped me develop several lifelong skills, such as charisma and communication. What I love about MUN is its exceptional ability to bringing together people of different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Outside of MUN, my interests include making DIY, reading, and playing sports.  No matter if this your first or last time attending HSINMUN, I hope you guys treat HSINMUN as an opportunity to better yourself while having fun interacting with your fellow delegates.

I look forward to meeting all of you guys in October, so feel free to approach me if you have any questions, comments, or even complaints. This year, as part of the working team, I wish you guys a pleasant time at HSINMUN XV.