Welcome to HSINMUN XVI! I am Karen Tsung, a junior at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park, and I will be serving as your administration coordinator this year. HSINMUN XII—my first in-person conference as an admin—has shown to be one of the many pivotal moments in my MUN journey. From learning admin duties to conference procedures, it gave me first hand experience of the professionalism and critical thinking assets that MUN values. Throughout the years, I have not only learned to develop traits of diplomacy and collaboration that MUN fosters, but also to increase recognition of global issues—all integral elements of my learning experience. Moreover, it is the friendships that bond people so well at every conference, expanding and developing lifelong connections. As a part of the working team this year, I have the pleasure to create a comfortable atmosphere for all attendees, hopefully making this conference another memorable one. Outside of MUN, my interests include baking, drinking bubble tea, and watching crime shows. I hope you enjoy your time at HSINMUN XVI, and we sincerely look forward to meeting you in October!

     Hey everyone, welcome to HSINMUN XVI! I'm Theresa Chiu, a current junior at IBSH, and it is an honor to be serving as your deputy admin coordinator this year. Since starting my MUN career as an admin at HSINMUN XII, MUN has shaped my perspective of the world and has helped me understand that anything is possible through cooperation and discussion. As I continued to attend other conferences as a delegate, I have learned how to find the best solutions to world issues and collaborate with others. Through MUN, I have been able to develop skills such as meticulous research, leadership, and public speaking, and I hope that it helps you develop and practice these skills as well. Besides MUN, my hobbies include basketball, reading, and learning the most random things as the most random times. As part of the working team this year, I hope that you will have a successful and fruitful HSINMUN!

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