Yu-An Lai
Information and Technology Coordinator 

Hello everyone! Welcome to HSINMUN XVII. I am Yu-An Lai, a junior at The International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park, and this year I will serve as an IT-Coordinator for HSINMUN. I started serving MUN as an admin when I was in seventh grade, and have since learned many ways to handle issues during conferences. Also, serving as an admin not only augmented my views of the world, but it also made me aware of the issues that are happening surrounding me. What I like about MUN is its ability to bring people together and discuss a single topic, sharing their opinion regarding global issues and ways to resolve them. Besides MUN, I really enjoy playing guitar, listening to music, and drawing. Working as part of the working team, I will do my best to solve any tech related issues and make the HSINMUN XVII experience flawless. See you in October at HSINMUN XVII.

IT Yuan Lai.jpg