Parliamentarian: James Lee

Welcome to HSINMUN XVIII! I am James Lee, a senior at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park, and it is an honor to be serving as the Parliamentarian of this year’s HSINMUN. Since starting my MUN journey at HSINMUN as an admin, I have been able to interact with people from different walks of life and pursue my interest in international relations and politics. MUN has played an integral role in my high school experience and has shaped my perspective on the issues that people face around the world. Living in a mainly homogeneous society, we often don’t actively seek opinions that differ from our own, so I would encourage all participants to utilize HSINMUN as a way to discuss multifaceted issues and interact with people from different backgrounds. Other than MUN, I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, binge-watching TV shows, and dyeing my hair. I, along with the Secretariat Team, sincerely welcome you to join us at HSINMUN XVIII!


Secretary General: Sophia Zuo

Welcome to HSINMUN XVIII! I am Sophia Zuo, a senior at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park, and I am honored to serve as your Secretary-General for this year's HSINMUN. To me, MUN has served as a place for growth, not only in the committee room but as an individual as a whole. Not only are we placed in positions and countries that are quite literally foreign to us, but we are also tasked with immense questions that have no easy solution. While things like making a speech, executing your first point, or passing a resolution may seem marginal, they really represent how you are finding your voice, something that stays with you even after the conference ends. At HSINMUN XVIII, we hope that you both are able to grow as a debater and as a person, broadening not only your own perspectives but also others. Besides MUN, I like listening to music, reading, writing, and annoying my friends. Once again, we wholeheartedly welcome you to HSINMUN XVIII!

Deputy Secretary General: Sheena Chiang

We’re so excited to have you at HSINMUN XVIII! I am Sheena Chiang, a senior at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park, and I’m thrilled to be a part of making this conference a reality this year. MUN has been a constant throughout my middle and high school journey that has connected me to events across the globe and students across the island. It was not an easy process learning to assert myself in front of a crowd, and it continues to be a struggle at times, but I hope that no one is discouraged from making the most of this opportunity to speak up and speak loud. As time goes on, the world only proceeds to grow more complex, and the gaps and differences in generations and biases only grow wider– as students and as the youth, we need to cultivate the ability to find compromise and compassion despite everything. All that said, please make the most of your time here by finding new friends and enjoying the food! I, along with the Secretariat Team, am so glad to have you be a part of HSINMUN XVIII.


Deputy Secretary General: Anderson Liew

Welcome to HSINMUN XVIII! I am Anderson Liew, a senior at International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park. It is my utmost honor to be serving as your Deputy Secretary-General at this year's conference. Ever since I joined MUN in middle school, the activity taught me essential public speaking and interaction skills with many different people from diverse backgrounds. Not only do I believe MUN to be a great way to familiarize yourself with current events, but I also think it's a great way to meet new people and make new friends. I hope that everyone else can see it as not just an extracurricular activity but as an exciting hobby as I do. With many prevailing issues yet to be solved, and countless ones being created by the second, our generation needs to come together now more than ever. By immersing yourself in a simulation of the UN, you’re preparing for both your’s and the world’s future. With that said, I look forward to seeing everyone soon, and best of luck to you all! Welcome to HSINMUN XVIII.

Deputy Secretary General: Cheng-Yuan Li

Greetings! My name is Cheng-Yuan Li, a junior at the International Bilingual School in Hsinchu Science Park, and I’m thrilled to be a Deputy- Secretary-General at HSINMUN XVIII. Ever since my introduction to Model United Nations in middle school, I’ve been enamored with the process of conflict resolution and debates that allowed me to gain a much better understanding of the world around me. I can easily recall the apprehension that I felt during my first MUN conference, not just towards public speaking, but also towards the complicated nature of MUN. However, throughout the conferences I attended, I picked up confidence in tackling the above issues, as well as an appreciation for the way that Model United Nations allows everyone involved to gain a more nuanced global perspective. Throughout this year’s HSINMUN, no matter what country you represent, remember to delegate it to your full ability, advocating for its interests even if your personal views conflict with that of the country’s; additionally, I hope everyone is able to see MUN as something more than an extracurricular, instead of seeing it as a way to monitor global trends and gain a much better overall understanding of the workings of the world. Welcome to HSINMUN XVIII!


Deputy Secretary General: Ethan Skonicki

Greetings! I am Ethan Robert Skonicki, a junior at the International Bilingual School in Hsinchu Park. It is my utmost honor to be serving as Deputy-Secretariat at HSINMUN XVIII this year. Over the few years I’ve been involved with MUN, I have discovered that it is a really dynamic and intensive activity that is incredibly rewarding for those who participate. From meeting new people to immersing yourself in global affairs, it truly has lots to offer. Although some may find MUN comes easily to them, others may have difficulty adjusting to the heavy emphasis on public speaking or the research portion of MUN. It’s okay if you find yourself reluctant to participate in debate. However, everything has a learning curve, and I hope delegates utilize HSINMUN to flourish and grow to become avid public debaters. All that said, I’m extremely excited to welcome you to HSINMUN XVIII, and I hope to see all of you there in October.