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Patricia Hung & Caitlyn Chuang & Jessica Kim

Hello everyone! Welcome to HSINMUN XVIII! I am Patricia Hung, a senior at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park, and it is my utmost honor to serve as your Press Editor-in-Chief this year. I started my MUN journey as a Press layout designer at HSINMUN XIV in eighth grade. Ever since that conference, I have found myself becoming increasingly immersed in the art of writing, photography, and design while making Press issues. Every HSINMUN conference that I’ve attended since has only reinforced the fact that I love helping participants commemorate the memories they make at the conference. I hope that every participant of HSINMUN XVIII will not only be able to find their passion in the MUN world—whether that is in public speaking, photography, video editing, writing, or design—but also use this opportunity to collaborate with others to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. Besides MUN, some of my hobbies include playing the piano, watching medical dramas, and making DIYs. As Press Editor-in-Chief this year, I hope to bring the best experience to everyone and make a memorable conference. I, along with the other Press Editors, are excited to see everyone in October and assist the needs of all participants, so feel free to approach any of us! 


Hey everyone! I’m Caitlyn Chuang, a senior at IBSH, and I’ll be serving as your Press Co-Editor-in-Chief this year at HSINMUN XVIII! Ever since participating as a delegate in HSINMUN XVII, I have been inspired by the fervent discussions with delegates from all countries and impressed by the secretariat and working team’s ability to coordinate the entire conference. I have learned to appreciate the press releases created by the working team and how it was able to capture memorable moments of the conference, motivating me to serve the rest of the participants this year. To me, what is most enthralling about MUN conferences is that regardless of your country’s influence in the real world, every delegate has an equal opportunity to participate and be heard. Interacting with other delegates also widened my global perspective. As the theme is “Passing Down the Torch: Meaningful Change Through Generational Discourse,” I am especially excited to edit articles discussing such topics! Even though I will not be participating in HSINMUN XVIII as a delegate, I am excited to work with every one of you and to experience different aspects of the working team, from communicating with members to editing layouts and articles, wrapping up all participants’ experience at HSINMUN XVIII!

Hey everyone! I’m Jessica Kim, a junior at IBSH, and I’m more than happy to serve as your Press Co-Editor-in-Chief for the upcoming HSINMUN XVIII! My MUN journey began in my freshman year as an admin for HSINMUN XVI. Since then, I've delegated multiple times for numerous conferences and started to grow a passion for MUN. What I love about MUN is that everyone has a voice and an opportunity to make an impact. Students from all over the country come together to debate the prevalent unresolved issues the world is currently facing, simultaneously making new friends and developing lifelong skills. Furthermore, MUN has allowed me to become more aware of the events happening in the world and understand the different perspectives provided by each delegate. I’m beyond excited to work with the press members and editors to publish articles regarding this year’s theme:  "Passing Down the Torch: Meaningful Change Through Generational Discourse". As future global leaders, it’s our responsibility to make a difference in the world we’re currently living in. The future is in our hands. I can’t wait to see what HSINMUN XVIII has in store for everyone!

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