Greetings everyone! I’m Katelyn Chen, a senior at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu-Science-Park (IBSH), and I am incredibly honored to serve as the Press Editor-in-Chief in this year’s HSINMUN. Ever since I attended my first jr-OMUN conference as a bewildered sixth grader, the world of MUN has never ceased to intrigue me. Throughout the years, I have attended conferences as an admin, delegate, and student officer, and I am delighted to have the chance to end my journey as part of the working team. MUN has brought out my passion for achieving global awareness and making our individual opinions matter. To the many of us that are a part of the MUN world, it is more than a simple extracurricular activity –– it is a platform that brings together like-minded peers to engage in stimulating debate and share our ideas about the world. I trust that over the course of the conference, we will all make the most out of this experience and grow as a community. Outside of MUN, I enjoy reading, writing, and binge-watching TV shows. I look forward to seeing all of you!

     Hi everyone! I’m Tommy Kim, a current senior at IBSH, and it is my utmost honor to serve as your Co-Editor in Chief in HSINMUN XVI. My MUN journey began in eighth grade at HSINMUN XII, and I’m thrilled to conclude my high school MUN career at the conference where it all began. I firmly believe that MUN is a crucial platform for people all over the world to connect on how to solve the pressing issues of today’s world. Not only can it bring people from all over the world to participate in debating over global affairs, but it can also broaden our perspective and worldview. MUN has created countless opportunities for all of us participants to understand more about the world as well as build vital social skills, including charisma and teamwork. Aside from doing MUN, I also enjoy watching movies and TV shows, editing videos, and listening to music. Whether it’s your first, fourth, or final time attending HSINMUN, I hope this year’s conference will leave a lasting impression on everyone and that each and every individual will leave the conference being even more intelligent than before. I look forward to seeing all of you this October!

     Hellooooo everyone! I’m Kelly Lee, a senior at IBSH, and it is my honor to serve as your Co-Editor in Chief in HSINMUN XVI. Starting MUN as an admin in sixth grade, I was only a shy kid who was clueless about the procedures occurring at conferences. As I started to participate as a delegate, I have learned so much through the years and witnessed numerous opportunities for people to meet all around the world, debating about the issues the world is facing. Branching out to new experiences, I have also challenged myself to become a photographer and videographer as I enjoyed creating valuable memories for people and commemorating the conferences. I wish to conclude my MUN journey in HSINMUN XVI and hope everyone is able to have a memorable and worthwhile time at MUN. Aside from MUN, I enjoy cheerleading, watching Netflix, and eating rice. I look forward to meeting you all in October! :)

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