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Greetings! I’m Karen Tseng, a current senior at IBSH. This will be my second year as HSINMUN press editor and my fourth (and final) HSINMUN. After discovering joy whilst participating in the fierce yet exhilarating back-and-forth exchanges distinctive of MUN conferences and debate tournaments throughout high school, I reached the conclusion that there would be no better way to contribute to the public speaking community than to join the press team. Armed with the ability to keep tabs on participants’ trials and errors, I look forward to documenting all of your journeys throughout your MUN careers and helping you visualize on paper not just your potential, but also how much you have accomplished and evolved as an active global citizen. My hobbies include reading, making (and I guess drinking) tea, and converting boba skeptics. If you have any friends who are unable to grasp the beauty of tapioca pearls, I’d be more than happy to widen their horizons for them. That being said, I am tremendously excited to be part of the working team this year, and am wholeheartedly invested in making your MUN experience at IBSH a memorable one!

Howdy! My name is Justin Chou, a current senior at the International Bilingual School and Hsinchu Science Park, and it is my utmost honor to serve as your Co-Editor in Chief in HSINMUN XV. My MUN journey began in seventh grade at HSINMUN X, and I’m thrilled to conclude my high school MUN career at the conference where it all began. What attracts me the most about MUN is its ability to bring people from all over Taiwan and the rest of the world to partake in a task as important as debating over global issues. MUN has created countless opportunities for all of us participants to understand more about the world as well as build vital social skills, including charisma and teamwork. Aside from doing MUN, I also enjoy cooking, playing sports, and banging my head while listening to some good quality music.  Whether it’s your first, third, or last time attending HSINMUN, I hope this year’s conference will leave a lasting impression on everyone and that each and every individual will leave the conference being even more intelligent than before. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you this October!

Hi! I’m Kristen Lee, a senior at Pacific American School. HSINMUN XV will be my seventh conference as a member of the press team, and I look forward to serving as your Co-Editor in Chief during the conference. I began my MUN journey in my sophomore year due to my love for writing and designing layout, so for this reason, I’ve attended all my conferences as a member of the press team. I believe that MUN is a crucial platform for people all over the world to connect on how to solve the pressing issues of today’s world, in addition to broadening their perspective and worldviews. Outside of MUN, I like to sew, cook, and garden. I look forward to meeting you all in HSINMUN, and in giving you the best possible issue ever!